Tent design subject to change.


What comes with my Easy Camping site?
1 Gorge-branded tent for 2 people, 2 Single Size Air Mattresses, 2 Gorge-branded Sleeping Bags, 2 Pillows and 1 lock for the tent.

How big are the tents?
The tents have a 9'x9' footprint and are 7 ft tall.
Approximate site size for Easy Camping is 12' x 12'

Is the tent waterproof?
Yes, the tent is waterproof.

Can I visit my friends staying in the outside camping areas?
You are welcome to visit friends in Standard & Gold Camping, however, you will NOT be permitted access to Terrace, Premier or Oasis Camping.

How many people can stay in my tent?
2 people per Easy Campsite. Guests are not allowed in Easy Camping.

When can I check-in?
You are welcome to check-in as soon as the gates open for all campgrounds. This info will be communicated to you via email newsletter.

Are there bathrooms and showers?
Yes! You may use the bathrooms and showers located nearby

Where do I park?
Parking will be a short distance from your campsite.

Can I leave and reenter the Easy Campground with my car?
Yes – Please inform the concierge or security staff and be sure to bring your Easy Camping ticket with you as well

Anything else I need to know?
You can take your tent and everything in it back home with you!

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