Where Can I buy camping tickets?

Click Here and you will be transported right there.

What time does the campground open?

For most shows the campground will open at 3:00pm the day before the event and all patrons must leave the campground by noon the day after the event. For Sasquatch Festival 2014, the campground will open at 1:00pm on the Thursday before the festival. 

Are there showers - how much does it cost?

Hot & cold showers are available. For Regular camping the showers can be found at the "Pivot" and there will be a $3.00 charge. In Premier and Terraces Camping showers are provided free of charge.

Is alcohol allowed?

As long as you are of age, alcohol is permitted wihin the confines of your individual campsite, but no open containers or alcohol consumption is allowed in the public areas or on the roads. 

I want to camp next to my friends, can you reserve a spot?

Camping sites in Regular & Premier camping are allocated as you arrive, spaces cannot be held or reserved, so if you want to camp in groups, you must show up at the same time.

Can I camp if I do not have a ticket for the show?

No, you will need a ticket for the concert in order to enter the campgrounds.

What should I bring with me?

  • A tent (you'd be surprised!)
  • Clothing for all temperatures - the nights can be chilly.
  • Sunscreen/sunblock.
  • You can bring your own food for the campground, though this year we do now have some great hot food options at the pivot.
  • Your happy smiley face ready to have some fun.

A bit of patience, give our staff a wave and a hello instead of a snarl, they are working very long hours and really hard to make these shows happen, but expect occasional lines, it happens when 25,000 people descend on one place at one time.

Is there a store in the campground??

Yes there is. The store has a wide variety of beers, soft drinks & snacks, ice, as well as some of those little necessities you may have forgotten, sunscreen, basic toiletries etc. The General Store is located close to the main entrance.

Can I bring my dog?

No. Do not bring any pet whatsoever, not because we don't like them - we are all animal lovers here - but it is cruel and unfair to the pet to leave it alone in the campground or parking lot, locked up or in a car or tent where it may suffer from extreme heat. When we see a pet in a car or running around the camp ground unattended, we will alert the authorities and your vehicle may be entered and the pet taken to a shelter for its own welfare. You may be subject to prosecution for cruelty to animals.

Service Animals are permitted however.

Re entry policy to and from the Amphitheatre

For the Sasquatch! Festival & Watershed weekends only, holders of the Weekend Wristband only will be permitted to re-enter the Gorge Amphitheatre, for all other shows or ticket types there is no re-entry to and from the Amphitheatre.